Partnership with Parents

We work closely with you, the parents, to ensure your child feels safe and happy in our care. We put on events at the nursery and send out newsletters to make sure you are always kept up to date with the nursery and your children’s development.

Keeping Parents Engaged

We recognise the primary knowledge and expertise that parents have about their child. We believe in working closely with parents/carers to develop mutual trust, respect and open communication.

We pride ourselves on the warm and welcoming atmosphere you and your child receive on entering our nursery. We are always happy to spend as much time as necessary with you and your child to ensure that your child’s needs are being met.

We acknowledge that we live in a diverse society and our intention is to meet the needs of all children whatever their background or culture. We understand that being a parent is a complex and demanding role and we are here to support you as well as your child. For more information on our partnership with parents please contact Westerham Day Nursery & Pre School today.

Newsletter and Events

From time to time we send home a newsletter as a means of keeping you informed and updated of news within the nursery. Throughout the year you are invited to attend events such as a parent’s evening, where you are able to discuss your child’s development, and a Christmas concert.

At Westerham Day Nursery and Pre-school in Kent we understand how important it is to keep parents involved and engaged with everything that goes on at our nursery.
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