Enabling Easy Transitions

Settling In

Children that are unhappy or tense will not settle well and this will ultimately affect their ability to learn and play properly. We believe it is very important for parents and staff to work together to help make sure the child is confident, secure and settled. Children adapt at different rates so if it does take a while for your child to settle this can be quite normal and nothing to worry about. Our settling in procedure is individualised and your key person will be available to discuss this with you. Please call Westerham Day Nursery & Pre School for more information about our settling in procedures.

Moving Rooms

Your key person will talk to you when the time approaches for your child to move rooms. They will help make the transition as smooth as possible and will discuss with you the daily routine and if your child has any specific requirements e.g. dietary or medical. Our aim is to make each transition as smooth and stress free as possible for both parent and child so please talk to us about any concerns you may have.

Starting School

One of the most important transitions your child will face is of course the transition between nursery and school. Your key person will work with you and your child in order to prepare them for this and to make this a smooth, stress-free transition. We encourage all parents to take their child to the school before starting to meet the teacher and get to know what is expected. For our part, we will talk about the school in a positive way, read them stories about school, and keep a record of all activities your child has participated in that can be passed on to the school at the relevant time.

Westerham Day Nursery & Pre School in Kent make helping your child to settle in a priority, enabling easy transitions between different stages. Call for more information.
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