Nursery rooms at
Westerham Day Nursery & Pre School


Sarah, Lianne, Becky, Emma, Pat and Jessica support the Bumblebee children who are aged between 3 months and 2 years. This room benefits from its own separate sleep room for younger babies along with an attached baby garden with an undercover shelter where the children can enjoy a range of experiences. Indoors the room has play areas such as role play, books, sensory, messy and soft play which the children can readily access throughout the day under the supervision of the practitioners.


Rebecca, Ginny and Anna support the Caterpillar children who are aged between 2 years and 3 years. Caterpillars is situated within our pre-school room but the children have a slightly different routine than the pre-school children to allow for their age and stage of development. Caterpillars enjoy the use of the pre-school room and its learning areas along with free-flow access to a large garden where they can explore the natural environment and engage in physically active play.


Sharon, Hannah, Jo, Chloe, Nicola, Brooke, Kerry and Lisa support the Butterfly children who are 3 years and 5 years of age. Butterflies are our pre-school children and they enjoy the use of a well-resourced room where they are supported in experiences aimed to extend their learning and development along with preparation for school readiness. Butterflies also benefit from the same outdoor experiences.

Soft Play

We have a colourful soft play room which is attached to Bumblebees giving them an extension to free-flow play. Caterpillar and Butterflies children use the soft play room in small groups to practise and develop their physical skills through games, obstacle courses and music and movement.

Sensory Room

Children of all ages enjoy sensory experiences and its benefits to development and well-being are widely researched including relaxation, hand-eye co-ordination, social and language skills. Additionally sensory experiences can support children with additional needs such as sight or hearing impairment along with comforting and settling children.

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Here at Westerham Day Nursery & Pre School we have different nursery rooms suitable for all age groups that ensure your child is well looked after.
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