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collage of kids playing outdoors at nursery

Welcome to Westerham Day Nursery and Pre-school

We're an Ofsted "GOOD" rated nursery in the parish of Sevenoaks, Kent

Westerham Day Nursery and Pre-school enjoys a warm, welcoming and friendly environment where children are respected as unique individuals and where learning through play and exploration is supported by well trained and dedicated Early Years Educators.


Our approach allows your child to develop their interests and to spend longer at activities which interest them.


Each child is assigned a key person who carriers out regular observations, which allows them to ensure that your child’s areas of interest are fully explored, enabling them to plan activities based on their interests.

child playing with large Duplo blocks

What Ofsted says about life at Westerham Day Nursery and Pre-school

Excerpts from our 2023 report in which we were rated "GOOD"

Children receive praise for their achievements and staff celebrate their successes. They say, 'good job' when supporting children to take turns. This helps new children build confidence. Children enjoy regular opportunities to play outdoors…Toddlers thoroughly enjoy role play. They pretend to make a packed lunch for their babies and get dressed ready for school. They know when it's cold, they need a jumper. This shows a good awareness of the impact of the weather on their bodies…

…Babies explore textures and how objects feel. Staff use words, such as 'scrunch', when they talk about the sound the toy makes as they squeeze it. Babies use their senses and hear new words in their play. Staff use simple signing. For instance, they ask babies if they have finished and indicate when it's lunchtime. This supports their communication skills…

…Staff and leaders understand their role and responsibilities in safeguarding children. They can identify aspects that may provide cause for concern and the action they must take if they have a concern about a child or adult. They complete regular training to keep their knowledge up to date. This supports children's safety and welfare...

Our aims and objectives

We help to develop your child’s social skills by encouraging sharing, caring and interaction with others. We encourage positive behaviour by working within a framework which ensures equality of opportunity for all children and families - all in a safe, secure and stimulating environment.

We help prepare your child for their transition to school by working with you, schools and other professionals.

Outdoor and indoor play

Our nursery is equipped and decorated with children at its heart. We have three base rooms, a soft play room and a sensory room.


The base rooms have their own outdoor garden areas, which are used as an extension of children’s learning and exploration. These colourful, bright and spacious spaces have specified areas which allow children to take part in a variety of child or adult initiated activities.

Forest School!

The benefits of outdoor play are so important and at Westerham Day Nursery we believe that children should experience the outdoors and the change of season close to hand. Our forest school is the perfect way for this to take place, supporting the children in developing a range of skills.


The forest school offers an engaging activity range that all children enjoy, allowing them to explore boundaries and discover nature. 

collage of staff interacting with children at nursery

Our philosophy

We hold a long standing philosophy of promoting children’s early learning through play.

This philosophy values the importance of early play opportunities where children can explore, be creative and imaginative and active in their learning. This view is supported within the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) where it promotes the importance of these play experiences in order to build a solid foundation for future learning and development of each individual child.

We feel strongly that children’s involvement in their play leads to high levels of well-being. Within the nursery this is supported by qualified and experienced Early Years Educators who work closely with each child to support and extend their learning and development.

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Is your child nearing nursery or pre-school age? Why not get in touch for an informal chat with our friendly staff?

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