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girl resting in the garden

We have ample outdoor space for discovery & play

Exploring the wonderful world of the outdoors with Westerham Day Nursery and Pre-school

We have a lovely outside area for children to play in with lots of toys and equipment available. Children are encouraged to be creative, and our garden provides heaps of opportunities for them to develop their physical skills in a safe environment.

Encouraging the development of physical skills as well as empathy for our animal friends

Being outdoors also involves children learning practical skills and fostering their knowledge of the natural world. We have a growing area where we grow some of our own vegetables, and we work with the children on a variety of projects such as building a bug house for observing insects. Further opportunity to explore the outdoors is provided via our Forest school.

child with box on head in garden

What Ofsted says...

Children receive praise for their achievements and staff celebrate their successes. They say, 'good job' when supporting children to take turns. This helps new children build confidence. Children enjoy regular opportunities to play outdoors. Older children learn to climb and balance on the equipment, supporting their large muscle development.


Older children enjoy experimenting with water. They learn to pour with increasing skill and begin to understand about measuring.

Outdoor play encourages physical and emotional development

Current guidelines state that, taking individual capabilities into account, children of pre-school age who are capable of walking should be physically active for 180 minutes (3 hours) throughout each day. Physically active play can help to safeguard children by promoting their good health and general wellbeing.


Encouraging outdoor play gives your child the opportunity to learn and grow in a healthy way by contributing to a healthy weight, improving bone health and developing movement and co-ordination. It also supports children’s learning of social skills and taking acceptable risks.

toddler crawling through tube in garden
child petting goat

Everyone loves a field trip!

Our nursery has a dedicated minibus which we use for nursery outings. All the children love to go on these outings, which teach them about their local and surrounding areas as well as inspiring curiosity about the wider environment and natural world.


Children are always accompanied by members of our dedicated staff who are on hand to make sure everyone is safe and secure. We very much look forward to these outings and are sure your children will too.

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Contact Us

Our children love exploring the garden, growing their own fruit and veg, and interacting with animals and nature on our field trips! Contact us on:

01959 565969

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