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Partnership with parents

Keeping parents engaged, informed and involved 

At Westerham Day Nursery and Pre-school, we recognise the primary knowledge and expertise that parents have about their child. We believe in working closely with parents and carers to develop mutual trust, respect and open communication.

We pride ourselves on the warm and welcoming atmosphere that you and your child receive at nursery and we are always happy to spend as much time as necessary with you to ensure that your child’s needs are being met.


What Ofsted says...

Partnerships with parents are good. Parents speak highly of the friendly staff team and how staff and the manager, 'go the extra mile' in support of their children's individual needs. They report that their children's confidence has increased since attending.

How we keep parents in the loop

We communicate with parents regularly including our termly 'Sway' newsletter. In this way we keep you informed and updated  about nursery news and the learning and engagement the children have enjoyed in the previous term.

We use 'Day-Share' with our under 3's to email parents about their child's day including, what they have enjoyed, how they have eaten and slept. We also use an online journal system called 'Footsteps' to assess children progress in their development and share achievements with parents. Likewise parents can also contribute to their child's learning journal through the Footsteps app.

Throughout the year you are invited to have development discussions with your child's Key Person such as when they transition rooms and when they are due their 24-36 month development check. 


Contact Us

Collaborating and communicating with our parents is extremely important to us. Why not call for an informal chat?

01959 565969

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