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Our Nursery & Pre-School Curriculum

A curriculum that challenges each individual child and fosters positive interactions and outcomes

We received an overall judgement of ‘Good’ from our last inspection, something we are extremely proud of, especially as the quality of our Early Years provision was deemed to be Outstanding!

 At Westerham Day Nursery and Pre-school, we are continually working towards improving what we do and how we do it, with the ultimate aim being to improve outcomes for all children. Find out how we work to create an inclusive environment in which diversity is celebrated and children are provided with equal opportunities to thrive.

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Key takeaways from Our Ofsted 2023 report, which rated us Good with some elements deemed Outstanding

The manager has clear intentions for the curriculum. She shows a secure knowledge of what children know, understand, and can do and what they need to learn next. She ensures that the curriculum is ambitious for all children, including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities. 

Development matters

Through a process of careful planning, observation and assessment, we seek to nurture the development of our babies and children in a way that stimulates their enthusiasm for discovery and creativity.

Meeting the seven pillars of learning at every step:

  1. communication and language.

  2. physical development.

  3. personal, social and emotional development.

  4. literacy.

  5. mathematics.

  6. understanding the world.

  7. expressive arts and design.

planning, observation and assessment
children in mittens and gloves, gesturing

What Ofsted says...

Babies explore textures and how objects feel. Staff use words, such as 'scrunch', when they talk about the sound the toy makes as they squeeze it. Babies use their senses and hear new words in their play. Staff use simple signing. For instance, they ask babies if they have finished and indicate when it's lunchtime. This supports their communication skills.


Communication is so important for early years children. Learning ways of communicating with others begins from the moment we are born - through crying, eye contact, hand gestures and expressions as we progress along our road to speech development.

Makaton is one of the tools we use to promote effective communication. In fact, all our staff have Makaton level 1 training. But what is Makaton? Essentially, it is a simplified form of sign language, allowing children of all ages, abilities and learning needs to express themselves, receive instruction, and tell us what they want or need.

A powerful communication tool that helps to build and strengthen positive relationships and skills for life.

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Contact Us

Our nursery curriculum has been developed with the unique needs of early years children in mind. Get in touch with Westerham Day Nursery and Pre School for an informal chat about your child's requirements.

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