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toddlers at Forest school

Our Forest School runs all year round!

Kids of all ages love Westerham Day Nursery and Pre-school's forest school

Our forest school runs all year round, come rain or shine, and is an exciting and different way to learn, allowing the children to experience diverse surroundings as they explore, play, participate in projects, chop and whittle wood, and see a variety of bugs and animals up close in their natural habitat.

boy and girl playing with tree branches at forest school

Our children gain so much from exploring the weird and wonderful world of nature

We see first-hand the pleasure children gain from playing outdoors and interacting with the natural world; they love to learn about nature.


Our forest school, which is led by our qualified forest school practitioners, is one activity that harnesses children’s affiliation with the natural world and helps to promote their understanding and appreciation of the natural environment.


During forest school, children enjoy the freedom of being outside, making decisions, working collaboratively and problem solving.

Some of the enthralling activities we provide for all our forest school members

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Kids love taking part in our forest school! Want to know a little more? Get in touch with us today.

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