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Equality, inclusion and diversity

Inclusivity is of the utmost importance at Westerham Day Nursery and Pre-school

At Westerham Day Nursery and Pre-school we strive to create an environment of inclusion, in which all children are given equal opportunities to develop, progress and flourish as they grow and learn.


After all, we don't see adversity - only diversity.

Our equality, inclusion and diversity policies have been carefully designed to ensure the best possible experience and outcome for our children and their families. They are reviewed on a regular basis and comments and suggestions from parents are always welcome.

nursery staff cradling young child


The number of adults present in the nursery enables us to provide individual attention for each child. Each child is able to progress at their own rate in all areas of development, and this is true for children with and without disabilities or learning difficulties.

If you would like to discuss the nursery’s ability to meet your own child’s special needs, please talk to the manager or your child’s key person. Our full special needs policy is available for parents to read at the nursery.


All children should be provided with equal opportunities to learn, study, progress and have fun - regardless of race, religion, mobility or learning needs. All of our daily routines, activities, trips and outings are planned thoughtfully to ensure equal opportunities for all. Wherever necessary, we will make simple adaptions to ensure no child is forced to miss out.

People holding hands in a circle
Child's drawing of people holding hands


Diversity is what makes all of us unique - and so it should be cherished and encouraged! We encourage children to be inquisitive about the world around them, understanding and accepting the things that make us different as well as the things that make us all the same. Our annual calendar which includes celebrations such as Christmas, Diwali, Holi, St Patrick's Day, Eid and many more.

Contact Us

At Westerham Day Nursery and Pre-school we strive to provide an inclusive setting for children of all ages. Get in touch with us on:

01959 565969

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