Our Garden

Outdoor play

We have a lovely outside area for children to play in with lots of toys available. The children are encouraged to be creative and our range of equipment offers a chance for your child to develop physical skills in a safe environment. Why not call us or drop in and have a word with our experienced and knowledgeable staff about the facilities we offer?

Physical development

Encouraging good health in young ones can help to safeguard them throughout life. Encouraging outdoor play gives your child the opportunity to learn and grow in a healthy way. Why not call in to Westerham Day Nursery & Pre School and and see for yourself the variety of different play areas available?
Outdoor play

Learning about the world

We encourage interaction with the world and all our children love to learn about nature. We have helped the children with various projects such as building a bug house for them to observe insects and learn about the natural world. 
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For a happy and healthy learning environment talk to the team at Westerham Day Nursery & Pre School in Kent

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